Uhmmm … who me?

I feel a bit on-the-spot here. Like that ice breaker game where you have to tell the room two truths and one lie about yourself and let the group guess which one is the lie. Does your mind go totally blank when you have to come up with an interesting snippet about yourself (even an untrue one)? Maybe it’s just me…

You know those people who are always so sure of their own minds, who know what they know, and like what they like? That’s not me. I envy those people and their surety. I’m too easily influenced, too easily distracted, always seeing things in shades of grey.

Jeez, can you even use the phrase ‘shades of grey’ anymore, without conjuring up housewife erotica?

Probably this page would be easier to write if I had a clue what Musings and Mumblings is ‘About’. I’m just going to let it take on a life of its own. What I’ll be ruminating on next week, let alone next year, is anyone’s guess.

I called it Musings and Mumblings just because that’s how my mind works, constantly busy but hardly a fully formed thought in there. I love writing because it helps me gather up little nuggets of thought, churn them over and turn out something smooth and polished, a real thing with substance. It helps me to figure out who I am and what I think.

Also, there was about an 80% chance I would go with something alliterative; 20% chance of a rhyming title. Because I’m a word nerd.

You came to my ‘About’ page¬†wondering if you’re in the right place and if you want to stick around, hey? And you’re still wondering? Sorry about that!

Some actual facts, no lies:

  1. I live in suburban New Zealand with my Irish husband, toddler son, baby daughter and black lab x springer spaniel dog.
  2. I have a degree in English Literature. I read everything from Beowulf to Shakespeare, William Blake to Virginia Wolf, but I can’t recall anything I learned. Except that University is fun but expensive.
  3. I’ve had a varied but unexceptional working life. I’ve been a barmaid, casino waitress, bookseller, english teacher, administrator, barista. My worst job ever was calling people with bad news when I worked for an accidental injury insurer.
  4. I’ve had a blog before but I got dispirited by trying to imitate others who seemed successful in my ‘niche’. This time around no niche, no agenda, no hustling – just writing for fun.
  5. I’ve lived and worked in Seoul, Melbourne, and Dublin. I’ve visited Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, England, Tenerife and America. There’s so much more to see (one day)!
  6. I’ve been losing and regaining the same 10kg for 20 years now. Will I ever learn?
  7. Nothing energises me like going to the beach, although I hate cold water. Beaches are strictly for walking, running, paddling up to the mid-thigh, relaxing and playing for this wimp.
  8. It’s not uncommon for complete strangers to insist they know me from somewhere, or ask whether I have a sister who lives/work/goes various places. I think I must be an overly generic-looking individual!
  9. I’m all or nothing in my enthusiasms. Recently I’ve had brief but intense dalliances with saving, zero waste, running, minimalism, meditation, from-scratch cooking, blogging, colouring-in, knitting. I can probably predict which of these interests will cycle back around (saving, waste reduction, running, blogging obv.), and which have been sent to the hobby boneyard (knitting, colouring).
  10. My more enduring interests are walking, napping, baking, reading, family & friends. Yep, I like a pretty quiet life.