Starting solids and baby first aid

Starting finger foods with a baby is pretty much equal parts exciting and terrifying isn’t it?! It’s so much fun watching them try new flavours and textures, seeing the energy and concentration it takes to get body and brain on the same page. On the other hand, sitting on the edge of my seat, constantly alert for signs of choking can be exhausting. Particularly because I’m not sure I could ever feel prepared enough to handle such an emergency. Even though I’ve done a first aid course and watched baby and infant choking and resuscitation videos several times, this morning I felt like I wanted to remind myself again.

I found two great clips on Youtube and wanted to link to them here. Firstly for my easy reference, because I know I’ll want to watch these again to keep the procedures fresh in my mind. Secondly because I think there can’t be too many links to this sort of information on the internet – right?

I really like the presenter in these clips – Sarah Hunstead, Paediatric Nurse. Sarah is very calm and thorough, and does a nice summary at the end of each clip which really reinforces the procedures. Watching the two clips this morning was 20 minutes well-spent. Heaven forbid, if a choking incident should occur to my children or anyone else’s, at least I feel confident that I know what to do.

Link to baby choking first aid

Link to baby CPR


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