Diving right in

You know, what I’d really like to be is a writer.

But how do you ‘become’ a writer? It’s not like other jobs where you get a position with a company in your desired industry and work your way up. You can’t be a writer in training or an entry-level writer. You either are or you aren’t.

And the only way to be a writer is to write, right?!

So, here I am writing.

This is not my first rodeo. I mean, blog. I’m quite good at starting blogs; spending ages deciding on my theme, sitting up late at night to muck around with images and fonts. Trying to get the look just right. Often I even end up with a published About page and a handful of post drafts.

Then I stall. Before I’ve even published the first post I’m thinking ahead to a time when my blog becomes my success story. Have you read about people making $100k + per month from their blogs? Me too and it seems like an impossible dream! I think I’ll never measure up unless I get each and every post perfect from the outset.

Is the tone exactly right? Should I make an effort to be a bit funny? What if my family is reading it? What if no-one is reading it?!

This blog will be different.

This blog isn’t about making a living, or finding a niche, or fussing over tightly edited posts. It’s starting out as a place for brain dumps, jotting down anything & everything that’s on my busy mind. The point is only to flex my (currently puny) writing muscle and write about whatever interests me on any given day.

And believe me that could be anything!

People close to me are quite used to me ruminating obsessively on an idea or hobby for a brief period of time before dropping it like a hot potato for the next interest. Often I cycle back around to things, other passions are just a flash in the pan.

I have periods of being mad into running, cooking, money management, dieting, home organisation, reading. And yes, writing. These are my hobbies that wax and wane.

Other interests that have been more of a flash in the pan include knitting, colouring in, gardening, travel.

Even more hobbies are still out there (or rather in there – my imagination) waiting to be properly indulged in. Things I’d like to really get involved in including camping & hiking, meditation & yoga, learning to drive, saving the planet.

I’m secretly drawn to all sorts ideologies and self-help-ish information and often feel like I’m looking for a philosophy to adopt. Deep down I like the idea of having a cohesive doctrine to guide my lifestyle and decisions. It seems like life might be easier if you have a guiding set of principles that you can stick a label on and summon up when needed.  I tend to adopt philosophies the same way I adopt hobbies, on a week-by-week basis.

So I guess I might write about any or all of these things in time. For now I’m just looking forward to loosening the reins on perfection and treating Musings & Mumblings as an experiment in writing. I don’t know what type of blog it’s going to turn into, but that’s quite exciting.

Without further ado <hits PUBLISH triumphantly>, my first post on this site.

(OK, maybe I’ll just proof read once more and then sleep on it before posting… kidding, kind of!)


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